I always love to have coffee meetups with other design practitioners because exchanging ideas truly energizes me. What intrigues me the most is to unearth the patterns behind their thinking and discover how they work. To me, these unique patterns are the soul of a designer.

Know thy self. The…

Was it crazy to take 4 hr flight to Singapore just for dinner? That’s what I did three weeks ago to attend the InVision’s Design Leadership Forum Dinner. And I wasn’t disappointed!

Our hosts Cindy Wei and Adam Fry-Pierce from InVision invited a group of seasoned designers from across Asia…

Last night our IBM iX team, our Leader Eric Ma & our client partner Ada Liu from Hutchison joined arms and picked up 2 GOLDs at the HK Design Awards by DRIVENxDESIGN, in celebrating ‘design excellence for business’.

Our two GOLD-awarded projects are part of the pool that contributed USD$42…

Moving from agencies to the consulting world, a lot of friends would ask me, “What is it like to be the UX Design & Creative Lead at IBM iX?” Well, nothing quite captures the immensely dynamic (at times, crazily roller-coaster-like) consultant lifestyle better than the past 48hrs of my life.

Michael Tam

Global Design Director @ IBM iX. Curious about everything and loves to talk about anything. Shall we chat? www.linkedin.com/in/michaeltam/

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